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  1. Thanks for great support guys!
  2. BodHost Rocks!
  3. Hello Bodhost
  4. Hat's Off to BodHost - S J Edutech P Limited
  5. Thanks for your quick services!!
  6. BodHost is absolutely the best choice
  7. Excellent Support
  8. Iím enjoying with uninterrupted service
  9. Great support and approximatly great service
  10. Great Service
  11. Bodhost
  12. Great service
  13. Amazing Support
  14. Really Greate Support and Services
  15. VPS Review
  16. Bodhost Experience
  17. BodHost services are great !
  18. really good hosting server service
  19. Bodhost: One of the Very Best
  20. Reliable Customer Service and Support
  21. good support and solution
  22. Good Service
  23. I can haz hoastin?
  24. Very good suport for LINUX VPS
  25. Disaster and support
  26. Brilliant
  27. BODHost .... high performance low prices
  28. dissapointment :(
  29. Great Service - Great Price
  30. Great Service
  31. The best support I have with my VPS / Es el mejor soporte que puedo tener en mi VPS
  32. Testimonial
  33. I'll recommend to ANYONE
  34. Severs and VPS
  35. You guys have been amazingly helpful.
  36. How? want more people to view my blog
  37. Bodhost beatifull realy.
  38. Bodhost; Best support i've seen so far!
  39. Bodhost; The only one and the best
  40. The Best In The Field!
  41. Thank You For Good Support!
  42. One of a kind
  43. This is the Place for Me
  44. I'm Satisfied here at Bodhost
  45. Love the community, love the service!
  46. I worship Bodhost
  47. Top notch customer support!
  48. Refugee has found a new home
  49. Ten thumbs up!
  50. best prices and support!
  51. Excellent Support from Robin (in billing)
  52. Terrible Shockingly bad Server!- Server Inaccessible for about 2 weeks!
  53. Thank you for all you do!
  54. Consistently excellent service
  55. Best Support On The Internet
  56. nice guys here, thanks a lot
  57. The guys here are AMAZING! Please Read
  58. Carl Vandors
  59. Awesome Billing Support
  60. thanks for quick support
  61. Things i got told about vps and the truth
  62. Thanks to Shane and the Support Crew
  63. The Good and Bad of Bodhost - An Honest Review
  64. This is just bang out of order....
  65. Excellent assistance
  66. Been with Bod Host Around 3 Years
  67. The personal touch
  68. BodHost Rocks
  69. Great support
  70. Don't Expect Billing Help
  71. Bodhost Rocks
  72. BodHost is Number 1
  73. VERY Happy Customer!
  74. BODHOST first class services
  75. BodHost is Perfect Company For services
  76. Fantastic Dedicated server performance Bodhost