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    Default Installing MySQL in Windows OS

    How to install MySQL in Windows Operating System?

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    Hello Emma,

    Please follow the steps given below to install the MySql on your Windows Operating System:
    1) Determine whether MySQL runs and is supported on your platform.
    2) Choose which distribution to install:
    When preparing to install MySQL, you should decide which version to use, and which distribution format to use for the installation. You can check for the platform which are best supported on MYSQL Website.
    3) Download the distribution that you want to install. you can download MySql from here.
    4) Install the distribution.
    5) Perform any necessary post-installation setup.
    6) If you want to run the MySQL benchmark scripts, Perl support for MySQL must be available.

    Or else you can simply contact our Technical Support team via Live chat and get it installed for you with their help.

    Thanks and Regards,
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